Kickit Android App
Kickit was my first serious journey into product development, mobile app development, and designing scalable architecture. By the last version, we had amassed almost 30,000 users.
Kickit v1.0
This is the first iteration we launched to make it easier to hang out with friends. I used this version to learn how to get familiar with making an Android app and the corresponding backend infrastructure.
Kickit v2.0
We took feedback from friends and mentors to create a fresh redesign. We focused on making the UI look more appealing.
Kickit v3.0
After more talking to users and gathering feedback, we realized the UX was too complicated. We tore down the app and redesigned it from the ground up to focus on simplicity.
Kickit v4.0
After enough testing, we realized making plans with friends was difficult to solve better than SMS and group chats. So we pivoted to allowing students to meet other students.
Kickit v5.0
With further testing, we came to a realization - there is far too much friction in attempting to get strangers to meet up with short notice. However, from the usage we saw, people were utilizing Kickit to communicate with others on campus instead of attempting to actually meet up. Another pivot was in order; this time to allow local communication.
Kickit v6.0
In this version, we tried a different approach. We switched to attempting to build a global community rather than a local one. The hypothesis was it’s easier to build to a critical mass when there aren’t arbitrary geographic barriers.